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Maharashtra Cyber Police acts tough on people making ‘communal’ posts on social media

The Maharashtra Cyber Police has identified around 700 ‘communal’ social posts in the past one month and has initiated necessary action against them.

The Maharashtra Cyber Police has tightened the whip on social media sites and has undertaken the task of identifying and deleting communal posts.

According to Yashasvi Yadav, Special IG, Maharashtra Cyber Department, around 700 ‘communal’ posts have been identified in the past one month.

The police have started writing to nodal officers of the social media platform to take down the post. Additionally, after getting information on the social media user’s profile, the concerned cyber cell has been asked to act on them.

According to the police, action has been taken on 700 posts in the last 15 days, with several posts being taken down. Legal action is also being taken against several people.

“Accounts of such users have also been deleted and we have come up with a new way. We send warning notice to the inbox of the social media user under Section 149 of the CrPC. This lets him know that he is being watched and he deletes the post himself. We have sent 400 notices this year,” said Yashasvi Yadav.

Four dedicated teams of Maharashtra Cyber are engaged in this work day and night. The Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Unit of the cyber police is tasked with removing these ‘communal’ posts.

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