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Gujarat Businessman Loses Rs 46 Lakh in Online Fraud After Receiving Missed Call on His Phone

A businessman from Ahmadabad got a missed call and his SIM cards were de-activated, after going to the bank, it was found that Rs 46 lakhs had been stolen.

Thugs seem to have found a new way to cheat online. A gang of digital thugs recently took all information about a bank account by making a missed call on the mobile of a youth, resident of Satellite Extension of Ahmedabad, and a chemical businessman. After the missed call, Rs 46.38 lakh was withdrawn from his bank account.

This victim, Rakesh Shah, has lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police Station.

Shah was at home when he got a missed call on his mobile number from an unknown number. After that the tower and SIM of his mobile became unreachable and then turned inactive.

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